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June 29th, 2017

June has been pretty quiet. Mostly, under-the-hood improvements like optimisations to the generated docker-compose file for larger projects (thanks to z1r0-).

A new, interesting feature is Clickhouse support, kindly contributed by Andrey Bolonin. I'm not familiar with Clickhouse, a SQL-esque data store for larger, if not huge, datasets for analysis by Yandex, but it's intriguing.



There's still no update this 2019.
I am very eager to know if there are some update on this one.
Yes. No update but I'm very interested in the new feature!
Ohh! I'm eager for this year's update, Still hoping. Thanks
Os doy las gracias por la información! Yo estaba buscando y no podía encontrar. Usted me ayudó!
I'm looking forward for more updates. Thanks!
A new perspective of internet digital marketing! :)
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