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January 9th, 2019

Big bunch of updates, big and small:

  • PHP 7.3
  • MariaDB up to 10.4
  • Postgres up to 11.1
  • Elasticsearch

I've also set up CI for base-images, and now images get built every day on a timer. This has several advantages over letting docker hub build images linked to debian and php releases: you will get the newest php versions as soon as they're available on the PPAs I use for php >= 7.0, and it will also ameliorate issues when installing php extensions where a bigger apt update needed to be done to satisfy requirements.

In other news, I'm currently working on rearchitecting the site, both as a personal improvement project as well as to make it easier to maintain down the line. I'm moving away from server side generated HTML, which I used originally as a rapid prototyping measure, taking advantage of the many Symfony features in this area (namely, forms). Times, however, move on: the generator and news functionality is being moved into an API (thanks to symfony flex and api platform) and the frontend is moving into a React app.

This is a pretty big undertaking and I work full time as a contractor, so it will take some time until it's ready for prime time. I do as always accept contributions, please head to github, next branch if you wanna help.


I think there is something wrong with the nginx configuration. I've set up a symfony 4 website-skeleton project with php 7.3 and received a 502 Bad Gateway from nginx on localhost:8080.
Kevin, thanks for your report. If you have any issues, go ahead and open a new one at Github, you have the link on the footer of this page.
After building from the latest version of the image, MySQL drivers stopped working ("could not find driver"). Any suggestons?
I have the same issue what Kevin does. 502 Bad Gateway. Have you found any solution?
pleased to hear that folks!
Just found this site, what a great idea! If I run into any issues on the new branch, I will definitely do my best to submit fixes. Thank you for your efforts!
I had the same issue about symfony4 and nginx: 502 bad gateway, but It work in a info.php.
Looks like php 7.3.0 and 7.3.1 has a bug in opcache that makes xdebug bomb out. I've temporarily disabled xdebug from the generator.

Since this fix won't appear until php 7.3.2 (should be out in about a week), in the meantime please remove php-xdebug from php-fpm's Dockerfile.

You can track progress here:
Glad to hear about these updates! Been waiting for it!
Thanks for hearing out people's suggestion about an upgrade to this thing. :) You and your team are awesome!
This is very exciting. Upgrading something for improvement is a plus! Thanks.
Been waiting for this update. Great to have read this again! Thank you!
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